One Business in One Week – Generations of Change

June 5, 2018

Meet Sumaya Bamufunire

Born into a rural Muslim family, Sumaya was unable to complete primary school. She married young and started having children, all while being the sole breadwinner in her home. Sumaya could not afford regular school fees and she started to lose hope.

When Sumaya joined Street Business School, the team wondered what impact she would create, considering the size of her family. At 34 and with nine children, Sumaya joined the Zibulatudde group, one of the very poorest groups SBS has seen. Her family survived on a mere 80 cents/ day including food, fuel and other household expenses.

As a young girl, Sumaya had loved making samosas, mandazi and chapatti, skills she was naturally good at. During her first SBS “coaching” visit, she shared that she would love to create a business selling snacks, but she had no capital for this idea. The SBS coaches helped her create a plan around how she could start her business. After speaking with them, she also realized she had the assets she needed to create her business right at her fingertips. Her only missing ingredient was money to purchase materials for her business. The coaches advised Sumaya to do small jobs and raise money to buy the flour and other things she needed. Within only one week, Sumaya had launched her business of selling snacks! She sold around her neighborhood and also made and sold tea to people.

After six months, Sumaya’s business was on fire, and she happily graduated from Street Business School.  Her dream is that her children go further in their education…an opportunity she missed, but that she can bring to future generations. With newfound confidence, Sumaya decided to expand her business beyond her neighborhood. She now supplies snacks to schools, which has boosted her income even more. She saves 10,000 UGX ($3 US) daily after recovering her costs and living expenses.

It is a new dawn for Sumaya and her children. With the support and coaching of Street Business School, women like Sumaya are changing their children’s future, creating generations of change.

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