A night of boldness: A homecoming of old and new friends

Gathering our Colorado community

In November, Street Business School (SBS) hosted its first homecoming event for our many friends in the Colorado community. We brought our supportive community together to celebrate an evening focused on boldness and entrepreneur. More than 120 guests joined us as we pushed the envelope in honor of the bold entrepreneur women experiencing SBS every day.

Guests stretched the length of the restaurant to hear of women’s entrepreneurial journeys to boldness
Putting “party” in the “party bus”, these guests got revved up for the evening

For those living in Boulder, the evening kicked off early. Residents rode a “party bus” where they drank wine, snacked on popcorn, and played games. Games illustrated poverty stratification in enlightening ways hosted by the BeadforLife Co-Founders, Torkin Wakefield and Ginny Jordan.

At the beautiful Bindery restaurant and lounge in downtown Denver, Chef Linda Hampsten-Fox – named Chef of the Year by the Colorado Restaurant Association – tantalized our taste buds with hors d’ouevres focused on ingredients from Africa that featured bold flavors and colors. Similarly, the food and drink were thoughtful and as alive as the faces of those who joined us.


Chef Linda leading her team behind the scenes
The Bindery bartenders shook up the night with customized cocktails for this special occasion
Chef Linda sharing her personal story of being a female entrepreneur and the power of confidence

Fox then shared her story of how she pushed the envelope to become a successful female entrepreneur, much like the women we know and love in Street Business School. She finally spoke to the importance of creativity and confidence when starting your own restaurant. Most importantly, her words resonated with the audience and everyone embraced her story.

The Power of Belief

Our Founder and CEO, Devin Hibbard, spoke to boldness in Africa, what it means to challenge oppression through entrepreneurialism and how the power of belief transforms opportunity. She spoke of her own journey and the role that confidence has played in her life and the lives of the women that SBS supports. Her message and her warmth made the evening special.

Guests from all aspects of the Colorado community connected or reconnected to remember what it means to be a part of a community with shared values. As a result, the evening sparkled with their hearts full for SBS’ work.

Men, such as Mark, Trevor and Blaine, champion SBS alongside women as we fondly call “Bros-for-Life”
Old and new friends reconnected, such as Devin Hibbard, Ginny Jordan, Torkin Wakefield and Mike Brady
Joe and Charlie Hicks talk about Charlie’s dreams to inspire boldness and entrepreneurialism


Find your envelope and complete a postcard to a women starting SBS this spring

Guests then “pushed the envelope” themselves as they gave to support the expansion of SBS throughout Africa. They then wrote postcards to women going to SBS training with messages meant to inspire. As guests left the Bindery, they received sparklers to celebrate pushing the envelope and creating change together.

Guests enjoyed gifts and gave gifts back as the evening lit up the night
Guests enjoyed gifts and gave gifts back as the evening lit up the night
“Boldness be my friend” - Shakespeare

William Shakespeare said “boldness be my friend.” Here at SBS, we ask that of boldness every day. During this event, we were touched by the warmth that emanates from our friends. With their belief in our work, we are alight with confidence and determination. Thank you to the Colorado community and our community of stakeholders for your strength and support! Onward!