Rebecca Gains Independence

Rebecca Gains Independence

Rebecca’s dream was to become a midwife, but this all changed when she became pregnant while still in school. The men in her life were frustrated and discontinued paying her school fees. Life became miserable as she again became pregnant with the same father who wasn’t interested in her child. In all of her suffering, she thought to herself that “he could not possibly want me.”

Rebecca eventually moved back to Uganda with her children. She heard about an opportunity to work with a new telecom company. This was an exciting chance to move to the city, but when she arrived, the situation was not what she was promised. She was forced to work for a security company earning a mere 70,000sh ($19) a month. She endured this harsh and abusive environment for two years.

Rebecca eventually met her current husband with whom she has two more children. She used her skills of plaiting hair to earn a small income. She also sold boiled eggs and chapatti within the neighborhood. Her husband was not happy about her work and felt embarrassed by this.

When Rebecca heard of Street Business School, she quickly signed up and attended the classes for the full six months. “When I heard about SBS, I knew it was my turn to change my life,” she says. Street Business School has taught me to be determined and confident. I started running a real business, and I now sell cassava chips, mandazi and tea at the roadside. At home, I sell cold drinking water and ice (popsicles). I would never have done this before joining SBS.”

“I now believe in my abilities and so does my husband. He sees me in a different way. He used to think I could not do much, and has now changed his attitude. I have a fridge I bought for business, and when he takes some cold drinking water, he is so happy.”

Rebecca plans to expand her business and someday operate a restaurant and serve food. Her customers are so happy with her, that they’ve asked her to launch this business.

Rebecca says, “I can face any challenge right now.” #PressforProgress