Being a Force for Good During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Ideas to Learn, Laugh, Love, & Light the Spark

COVID-19 reminds us more than ever that we are interconnected. We believe our greatest strength is in community, and that times of challenge are when we show our true character. As we experience this global pandemic, our goal is to strengthen our social fabric and connection, even in this era of social distancing.

Street Business School’s Response to COVID-19

Coach Phoebe huggingStreet Business School is all about partnerships and collaboration. In this era of COVID-19, we are adjusting our implementation model to ensure:

  • SBS alumni in Uganda limit risk of exposure, get encouragement to stay strong and hopeful and are able to continue to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Our NGO partners receive capacity building opportunities, are able to support their communities, and share resources and advice within the larger GCP Network.
  • Staff remain safe and supported.
  • Operations remain strong for the future.
  • Our community remains engaged and informed.

This page is an evolving compilation of the resources and information for our global community to create a strong, unified response.

Our Response in Uganda

  • Calling SBS alumni to coach, share safety tips and spark their sense of resiliency
  • Deploying SMS technology for outreach about public health information and resources
  • Mapping the current government and NGO response in Uganda
  • Sending important health information on COVID-19 to the Uganda team so they are prepared to combat rumors or misinformation about the pandemic
  • Sharing ideas for business you can do during a lockdown
  • Distributed over 1,100 small cash grants to help alumni purchase food during the global lockdown
  • Launching “Get Back On Your Feet” – a new module we have developed and will be delivering over the phone in small group sessions to help women restart businesses as soon as possible
  • Deployed a text messaging system and are sending text and voice messages with health information to our alumni network

Our Response with NGO Partners

  • Surveying partners on their concerns. Top responses: Fundraising, scenario planning
  • Peer-sharing global Skype call on retooling for sustainability
  • Offering one-on-one coaching calls from SBS Coach to each partner
  • Offering Scenario Planning Training for post COVID-19
  • Offering Fundraising Training in the era of COVID-19 for all partners
  • Curating content for website related to COVID-19
  • Increasing our Global Training team to meet significant anticipated demand post COVID-19

Weekly Update from Uganda


Scenario Planning

What are your plans to rethink, retool, and redeploy after COVID-19? How will your organization prepare for a variety of outcomes that COVID-19 may cause?

Scenario Planning can help you answer these questions.

To indicate your interest in attending an upcoming online Scenario Planning Workshop on June 4, please email Chris@StreetBusinessSchool.org using the subject line “Scenario Planning”.

Other Opportunities

Livelihoods Re-Launch

The current health crisis will be followed by an economic one, particularly for those in resource poor settings. In response to the overwhelming need we have heard for economic development post-COVID, we have added additional Street Business School Immersion Workshops in late 2020 and 2021. Learn more, or apply today to bring the award-winning program to your community and help people launch small businesses and increase their incomes.


February 6-14 in Uganda

How to Cope with COVID-19

Global Health

These are the websites we are following:

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resources
World Health Organization Coronavirus Resources
Centers for Disease Control
How to Hand Wash

Credit World Health Organization

We’re All in This Together

Morale-Building Tips

Science of Wellbeing Course

Host a Friday joke day with a small prize for the staff and/or beneficiary that shares the funniest joke.

While your staff is working remotely during the crisis, allow them to spend up to a given percentage of their time per week, dedicated to supporting humankind through the crisis, as matches their personal interests/talents, etc., e.g. perhaps they can sew masks where healthcare requests it, share videos of inspiration to seniors that are isolated from their family, read books online to help others with their daycare needs, etc.

Smile Today

We believe humor helps keep us sane in difficult times!

Anyone else feel like life is being written by a 4th grader?
It's For Your Own Good. You've Got to Stop Touching Your Face

Resources for Partner NGOs

How can entrepreneurs continue to bring in income?

Many of our partners have shared with us that beneficiaries’ businesses are closing due to the current crisis. But of course, their income needs to continue. We are collecting COVID-appropriate businesses that we will compile and share with our partners and entrepreneurs. Homemade hand sanitizer is easy to make, in high demand, and could save lives. Here’s an easy recipe. Please email Korri@StreetBusinessSchool.org with your ideas

Spice Up Your Meetings!

Begin and end your remote meetings by dancing or singing a well-known song together.