Frequently Asked Questions

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Immersion Workshops

Can you train 10-20 members of my staff, in my local area?

Sure!  We would be very happy to bring our workshop to you, and train 10-20 of your staff through an Exclusive Immersion Workshop. Please email our Director of Global Training at chris@streetbusinessschool.org and learn about the exciting details.

Once I earn a Certification as an SBS Lead Coach, can I then train others to be SBS Lead Coaches?

As a Certified Lead Coach, you will be certified to train beneficiaries in your community, but not to train other Lead Coaches.  If you would like to learn how to become a Certified SBS Master Trainer, please email our Director of Global Training, at chris@streetbusinessschool.org.

What are the benefits of membership in the SBS Global Network? Fun & engaging opportunities to meet 100+, and growing, like-minded professionals through

  • Capacity-building Skype calls
  • Informative quarterly newsletter to improve your funding, your networking and your impact
  • Private FB & What’s App groups
  • Professional development through capacity-building workshops
  • A Referral program that awards both your organization, as well as those organizations you refer

Must our 2 trainers stay at the hotel for the 8-days?

Yes – staying in the same hotel is covered by the fee, and makes your networking with other organizations much more valuable.

Can I bring a child to the workshop?

While we love children, this learning setting does not accommodate for children.

Will I have my own room at the hotel?

Yes, you will have your own room.

Can only 1 person attend the Immersion Workshop?

After an organization sends 2 trainers to the Workshop, single trainers from that same organization can attend simultaneously, or in the future.

Can you come to my community and train my beneficiaries?

We wish we could visit all of our partners, however, we believe that you are the experts in your community, and after being certified at the Workshop, you will be quite prepared to successfully deliver SBS in your community.