Global Ambassador

One hour to make a global impact.

What if we told you that you could make a global impact by socializing with your friends and family? When you sign up to be a Global Ambassador for Street Business School (SBS), you can enjoy time with your favorite people and support SBS at the same time! And, in as little as one hour, you can make a big impact and help us toward our mission to lift 1 million people out of extreme poverty.

Socially distanced Global Ambassador Event
Pat Brown
``As a champion for women and girls, I am proud to give back to SBS as a donor and Global Ambassador co-chair. My favorite thing about SBS is the ripple effect it causes in the next generation of girls. I have seen firsthand the inspired daughters, nieces, and friends who look up to women who have started their own business.``

-Pat Brown, Global Ambassador Program Co-Chair

Last year, Global Ambassador events raised funds to send 72 women to SBS, lifting themselves and their 360 children out of poverty. That means 432 lives were changed from people hosting small gatherings where they share the work of SBS. By helping SBS raise funds and raise friends, Global Ambassador hosts are catalysts to create better lives for women around the world. Many hosts tell us how meaningful it is for them to share their passion for SBS with their family and friends who attend Global Ambassador events, and how impactful the events are for their guests. This year, our goal is to send 434 women to SBS through Global Ambassador events. Will you join us?

``I've always been motivated by the proverb, 'teaching a woman to fish,' and I believe that when you teach a woman to fish, she will lift her entire family out of poverty. This is clearly where the power to change communities and the future lies. And this is what SBS does best!``

-Jonna Holland, Global Ambassador Program Co-Chair

Your Event. Our Support.

Have you heard of SBS Global Ambassador events? These are gatherings of any size where people who believe in our mission can share the work of SBS with their community. We make it incredibly easy for you to host an event. People host SBS events in their homes, at restaurants, at their church and at their workplace. We are so excited about these gatherings and the potential to spread the SBS story, make friends, and support women.

And, even during COVID-19, we help to make it easy for you to host an event. Your event can be virtual or socially distanced. No matter what you choose, you can still make a huge impact. We will send you everything you need in your SBS Global Ambassador Toolkit – it’s easy to participate!

How to Become a Host

After you sign up to let us know you are interested, our Global Ambassador program manager will get in touch to get you set up and help you every step of the way. Here’s what happens next:

  • Our Global Ambassador program manager gives you a call to answer questions and share tips about your event.
  • We send you a party kit with everything you need, including gifts for your guests and materials about SBS. If you’re doing a virtual event, we will send everyone their own package.
  • If you’d like, an SBS representative can join your virtual event! Contact us for more details.