Street Business School (SBS) trains women to launch micro-businesses, gain confidence and leave poverty behind.

Through a social franchise model, we train other nonprofits to add SBS to their toolkits and deliver global entrepreneurship training to the people they serve to allow them to lift their families from poverty.

Creating impact is what matters.  We rely on regular and robust data to evaluate if and how our work helps people improve their lives in a lasting way.

Rigorous evaluations of our approach demonstrates positive, significant, and sustained impact, whether SBS is being offered by us directly in Uganda, or through our dynamic network of Global Catalyst Partners.

SBS entrepreneurs show significant gains in key economic areas that sustain after they graduate:

Results are from 12 cohorts served by Global Catalyst Partners, taken from an evaluation conducted in 2019, in collaboration with imPROVE IMPACT, to evaluate the impact of Street Business School at scale.  Evaluating Impact Through Street Business School Social Franchising 2019

The Global Impact of the Street Business School network


Women anticipated to be reached within 4 years


Children, anticipated to be reached within 4 years


Countries with SBS Certified Coaches


Lead Coaches


Global Catalyst Partners


Total People Out of Poverty
within 4 years

Impact is projected using key assumptions, and regularly verified against actual data.  Learn more on our assumptions and Evaluation Approach.

2020 Monitoring & Evaluation Report

When women work, economies grow. In 40% of economies, women’s early stage entrepreneurial activity is half or less than half of that of men’s.1 SBS is changing that.

Every Woman Has a Story.

Impact and Benefits of Global Entrepreneurship