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Street Business School participants dramatically increase their incomes, whether delivered directly in Uganda, or through Global Catalyst Partners (GCP), and lift their families out of extreme poverty.

SBS Participant Income Increase
SBS Income Increase for All Data Sets


Street Business School participants trained by NGO partners open a business, keep it open, and diversify into multiple businesses in order to create resilience in the local market.

SBS Business Ownership
SBS Number of Businesses
* data from 2019 Monitoring and Evaluation report on SBS NGO partners’ implementation, based on 6 cohorts tracked from baseline (month 0) to 1 year after graduating from SBS (generally around month 18).


Street Business School has dramatically scaled through a social franchise model, combining a proven economic empowerment program with the expertise of local NGO partners who are best positioned to deliver this transformational program.

SBS Participants Trained
SBS Countries with Certified Partners
Children Supported by Parents Trained
Lead coaches trained

* SBS impact and reach are pulled from actual partner groups trained as of March 2020, and future projections are based on the following assumptions:

  • 75% of SBS Lead Coaches who are certified will deliver the training.  Current actual rate is 76%.
  • Each SBS Lead Coach will deliver for a period of four years.
  • During that time, they will reach 220 participants on average – 40 the first year and 60 in years 2, 3, 4.


Map of Active Countries

Expansion Map
Street Business School partners use our proven economic livelihoods program to support a wide range of programmatic missions. Collectively, they are using SBS to address 15 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

To read more, check out our 2020 Monitoring and Evaluation Report, done in collaboration with imPROVE Impact.