How I became financially empowered – Rose Nalubega

How I became financially empowered – Rose Nalubega

Originally published in the Stellar Woman

Rose is a 40-year-old mother of 3 children. 2 daughters and a son. Rose’s first daughter (Shalom) finished university. Her second born is at the University offering an engineering Course. The last child is still at primary school level. Rose joined Street Business School in 2018. By then she had a retail shop but didn’t know how much sales and profits she made in her shop.


One day when Street Business School was mobilizing and registering women to join for trainings, she was motivated to join with the hope of learning how to calculate and understand the profits her business brought her. She attended all the training and says the modules that changed her life were finding capital and starting small, plus record and bookkeeping. She decided to Practice record and bookkeeping in her business which made her start to realize her profits.

When she was taught finding capital and starting small, she realized that she could turn her redundant container and use it for a business, she decided to turn the container into a boutique and also sold snacks (chapati). She is earning a lot of profits. She expanded her business and added plastics and ladies’ bags too. Her businesses have grown and brings in enormous profits. Rose put up a second boutique in a different community that only sells classy lady bags to increase her profits.

Rose together with her husband have built a home in another community far from where they are running their businesses from, they decided to rent it out since they spent most of their time at the business. The house they rented out brings them about UGX 1.5M per month which she keeps and saves. They have also started a farm where they grow food like maize, Sweet Potatoes and cassava.

When they harvest from their farm, they sell the harvest to earn a good amount of money. Rose has also bought a plot of land in a district called Mukono from a real Estate company called Hosanna Real Estates for future use. Street Business School has really taught me a lot. I used to panic while running my business but not anymore. I know how much I make from my different businesses and understand how to manage my businesses successfully because I record my business and also keep my receipts. I wanted to support women in my community, so I started a money lending company to support more women in my community. I give them loans at a very minimal interest rate so that they can start businesses too and change their lives and that of their children. ‘’I love to support other women to become financially empowered just like me’’ says Rose Nalubega’’.