SBS Uganda

Street Business School in Uganda

Leading the Way for Entrepreneurship Worldwide

Street Business School uses entrepreneurship to fight poverty. After helping thousands of women increase their incomes by opening their own businesses, we wanted to do even more to help families around the world.

Entrepreneurship training program


Specifically for women living in deep poverty.

They opened businesses that met their lifestyle and interests, such as produce stands, refuse-collection businesses, and hairstyling and garment-mending operations. It was clear these women were ready and able to pave the future of entrepreneurship in Africa—and we knew we could do even more to support other hardworking women across the world.

We took the best parts of our homespun business training and created the Street Business School—a nonprofit on a mission to lift 1 million people from poverty through small business ownership.

The results speak for themselves

As of November 2018, SBS has trained 4,800 women as business owners.

Their paths to success reveal a bright future of entrepreneurship in Africa and other regions battling extreme poverty: The average Ugandan graduate earned 54 percent more after completing Street Business School’s six-month training and 211 percent more two years later. Those previously living on less than 65 cents a day earned a remarkable 15 times more.From shoe shops to independent farms, their businesses are built to last. 89 percent of graduates run a business two years after completing Street Business School, and more than 40 percent opened a second business.

We’re global!

After honing our training, mentoring and coaching program for over 15 years, we now train other organizations to deliver our programming to the people they serve —on the way to changing 1 million lives.