The Pledge

To mark the turning of a page to a new year filled with hopefulness and resilience, we, at Street Business School, are proud to share the following letter signed by 35 donors signifying their pledge to the SBS community.

I am proud to take The Pledge and stand with Street Business School (SBS) in a time when the world needs to ignite the spark of entrepreneurial potential and resilience more than ever. When COVID-19 hit, no one was prepared. SBS leveraged its unique position as a hub of collaboration to help keep entrepreneurs and nearly 100 nonprofit partners safe and strong. Remarkably, SBS has stood by entrepreneurs and partners in a time when so many families, communities and nonprofits are struggling.

Today, I sign The Pledge because I am standing strong with SBS. I am confident that SBS will continue to lead dynamic impact long after this pandemic is over despite the uncertainty of the present.

Susan, an SBS graduate, once shared, “SBS triggered something in me that I had lost. My fighting spirit and strength returned and I feel like I started life afresh.” Susan’s fighting spirit is an example of SBS’ unwavering commitment to resilience. SBS is on the precipice of Phase III (July, 2020 to June, 2023), the most exciting and audacious phase of its story, in which SBS will reach 390,000 women and 1.9 million
children. This is a time for great tenacity and passion. Impoverished communities need SBS as we work towards recovery.

I confidently sign The Pledge with a three-year gift commitment to SBS, adding my voice to the collective voice of belief in its future. We stand with SBS as it embarks on Phase III, in a world with increased demand for community transformation, beginning with the psychological and economic empowerment of women.


3rd Creek Foundation
Atlas Real Estate Group
Barbara Lawson
Bernadette L. Lane
Bill Pickett and Marilyn Seitz-Pickett
Blaine and Laura Dolifka
Bronwyn Morrissey
Cordes Foundation
Cristina Gomez
Darin Layman and Jill McCarthy
Devin Hibbard and Mark Jordahl
Edward and Kerry Gilmartin
Georgia and Kirk Baddley
Georgia Welles
Ginny Jordan
Ian, Victoria and Lucinda Watson
Jane McConnell
Jane Strode Miller
Jernigan Foundation

JoEllen and Steven Muntz
Jonna and Tim Holland
Julie and Chuck King
Linda and Fred Milanovich
Lynnaea Lumbard and Rick Paine
Marion Taylor
Michael Brady and Cassidy Murphy
Patricia A. Brown
Ram In The Bush
Rebecca Namatovu-Dawa and Samuel Dawa
Ren Dietel
Robin Seiz and Mindy Hall
Robyn Cowan
Sally Goodwin
Steve Smolinsky
Stone Steps Foundation
Tifany and David Boyles
Torkin Wakefield and Charles Steinberg, MD

To discuss The Pledge further, please contact Tifany Boyles at tifany@streetbusinessschool.org.


(Last updated: January 20, 2021)