We’re on a mission to end global poverty.

Street Business School empowers women to become thriving entrepreneurs, lifting themselves and their families to a more vibrant future.

Our one-of-a-kind livelihood training curriculum teaches women living in poverty the tools they need to successfully start and grow microbusinesses. The program is designed for localization and for those who may not have a significant formal education, plus it includes critical confidence building components.

Street Business School works! And we want to share it with the world. 

SBS is proven to triple incomes and change lives. We are dedicated to sharing SBS with 1 million women, utilizing a social franchising model. We work with organizations of all sizes, from small grassroots nonprofits, to governments and multinational NGOs. Adapting the program for the local context, our partners receive SBS certification to teach the curriculum in the communities that they serve. Our roots are in Uganda, but today we have over 180 partners in 27 countries, and counting. Learn more about our workshops here.

Our core values define our work and guide our team


How we began

Street Business School was born via BeadforLife, a social enterprise empowering women to earn income through crafting beautiful recycled paper bead jewelry. While BeadforLife offered an opportunity for income generation, we quickly learned that a more sustainable was business creation and rolled this into our program. If women could launch their own dream businesses, they could access a new level of agency and success and lift their families up.

SBS teaches women to start, manage and grow self-sustaining microbusinesses, starting small without requiring loans or significant startup capital. SBS does not give handouts. Women gain confidence and business skills, in addition to ongoing coaching support. 

After piloting SBS and realizing its impact, we refined our curriculum so it could be shared around the world. Today we are scaling by certifying partners, large and small, to localize the SBS program and bring it to their communities. Using this “social franchise model,” SBS is rapidly growing its impact and is on its way to empowering 1 million women to lift themselves and their families from poverty. 

Meet our founder

Devin Hibbard is on a mission to end extreme poverty in her lifetime. As the CEO of Street Business School, she works to empower women to start their own businesses and transform their lives. Forever. She and the SBS team believe economic empowerment is the key to lifting millions of people out of extreme poverty.