Meet Sandra – Business Training Graduate

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Meet Sandra – Business Training Graduate

Before our business training, Sandra was selling old newspapers and candy on a mat in the streets. She could only afford one meal a day. She wasn’t able to pay medical bills when her baby got sick. Sadly, her baby passed away at 10 months old.

Sandra was earning $1.60 US per day — and life was difficult.

For Sandra, in addition to earning money making beads, what really impacted her was the business training she received from BeadForLife. She got out of her comfort zone and moved out of the city to launch a new vegetable stall business, selling tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, and silver fish.

Today, Sandra’s business is bustling and it is one of the largest in the area. Her profits range from $90-$150 US per week. She is happy and grateful for the opportunity via BeadForLife, considering herself completely out of poverty.

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