SBS Featured in Pyxera Global

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SBS Featured in Pyxera Global

Pyxera Global

November 22, 2019

Street Business School was honored to be featured in the Pyxera Global  story, “Philanthropy is Risky Business”. The post speaks to our social franchise model that aims to scale empowering women through economic opportunity as well as our partnership with the Schooner Foundation.

” Street Business School (SBS) and the Schooner Foundation share their journey—from 2015 to the present and still unfolding—in which a proven enterprise development program initiated in Kampala, Uganda took a chance and expanded to 13 countries through 75 franchise partners, scaling women’s economic development across Africa. In the philanthropic sector, funders and implementers are seeking proven strategies to scale solutions. This is the story of how a funder’s willingness to take a risk and an implementer’s ambition led to trailblazing a social franchise model.

Impact grew from hundreds of women graduating per year through direct implementation to thousands of women graduating as SBS entrepreneurs annually across Africa. On average,  a woman increased her income from $1.35 a day to $4.19 a day within two years of graduating the six-month SBS training. Graduates were lifting themselves and their families above the global poverty line. Grounded in a focus on increasing a women’s self-worth and confidence, these outcomes and their implications were powerful.

The results offered a marriage of private and philanthropic sector ideas that don’t create dependency on aid but build resiliency and independence among those society has traditionally overlooked. This vision encouraged collaboration among NGOs rather than competition and stretched one gift into a benefit for many. In terms of social return on investment, the net was a no-brainer.”

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