Agnes and Her Mom Strong Spirit

Agnes and Her Mom Strong Spirit


Family has always been an integral part of Agnes’ life. The beautiful, soft spoken, 32-year old proud mother of four grew up in poverty in the Kisoro District of Western Uganda. Agnes’ mother struggled to support her and three siblings after her father remarried. Nonetheless, her family strived and stayed together, managing to survive the pains of poverty that dominated their home. In a humble way, Agnes carried this beautiful family spirit to her marriage where she is patiently working hard to make ends meet.

She lives with her husband and four children in a small mud wattle house within Kito Village in the outskirts of Kampala. She washes clothes in her neighborhood and in addition, she grows sugar canes and yams that she sells for a profit. Using her Street Business School knowledge, Agnes is exploring other avenues of income. Two months ago, she started growing maize and beans on one acre of land. She is now planning to expand her acreage! She hopes to move to open more land for farming.

Agnes’ biggest dream is to see her children educated. “It hurt me that I did not complete school and I am saving every hard earned penny to take my children to school.”

With a smile on her beautiful face Agnes said, “my wealth is in my hands, I believe growing food for sale will provide the money I need to care for my children.”