Harriet Nakibuuka: Hardworking and Ambitious

Harriet Nakibuuka

Harriet Nakibuuka: Hardworking and Ambitious

Harriet Nakibuuka, 31, is hardworking and ambitious. The skills she learned from Street Business School (SBS) have allowed her to continue working toward her dreams, even during the COVID-1 19 pandemic.

After years of living in extreme poverty, Harriet graduated from SBS in 2017. Harriet’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited from the training she received. She built a tomato business that grew to become one of the major tomato suppliers in one of the major business districts in Kampala. She was saving her profits of up to $65 USD each week.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and, like so many other women entrepreneurs, Harriet was forced to close her business due to the lockdowns in Uganda.  During the first three months, Harriet stayed home with her family and survived on the savings from her business. Just as she was close to running out of money, Harriet learned that SBS was offering a “Get On Your Feet” module to SBS alumni. It came at just the right time.

Through the remote phone-based training, Harriet learned that she could restart her tomato business while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols, like wearing a mask. She said “I wasn’t sure of how I was going to start my business again because the lockdown went on and on. I was told that I could still continue running my business by following the rules set for us.”

Harriet also learned to reduce her expenses by cooking one meal a day and using that food to feed her children throughout the day. Her husband supported her by doing chores at home while she went to the market to sell tomatoes. Soon, she earned enough money to start a second business selling second-hand clothes for children. In the morning she runs her tomato business and in the afternoon, she sells the clothes and has earned $57 USD in extra income.

“I am so grateful for the phone calls I received from my coaches. They encouraged me but most of all the extra training we got on the phone helped me start another business.” Harriet dreams of owning a building with rooms for rent. Her excitement drives her to wake up early each day and get to work.

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