A Powerful Mindset and a Persistent Spirit – Meet Hadijjah

A Powerful Mindset and a Persistent Spirit – Meet Hadijjah

27-year-old Hadijjah Tewalikisingakata lives in Kampala with her husband and three children. Her journey from an unemployed woman to a business owner who demonstrates persistence, courage and resilience is an example of the transformational power of Street Business School (SBS).

Before joining SBS, Hadijjah did not realize she could start her own business.  After her SBS training, she began saving money using the daily allowance her husband gave her. She saved for six weeks until she had about $11 to start a business selling fish.

Running a fish business in Uganda is challenging. There are many regulations, expensive business licenses and requirements, and much of the industry is controlled by the wealthiest people. It can be difficult for the poor to succeed, and many are driven out of business. Hadijjah experienced those challenges –  she had her fish confiscated and was prevented from selling. But, she persisted and remained determined to succeed.

Today, Hadijjah is very hard-working and travels across the city to the port so she can bring fresh fish to her community. As a result, she makes about $8 in profit each day. Having her own money and goals independent of her husband was something she could not have imagined before. Her SBS training and the support of other women taught her that a woman has the potential and power to change her life.

Hadijjah is a fighter and has a powerful mindset that has helped her succeed. She said “I had no idea that my life was going to be transformed by SBS.”

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