Mama Jane’s New Attitude

Mama Jane’s New Attitude

Florence Wanyana, commonly known, as “Mama Jane” is 18 years old, has two children and lives in Bulenga.

Born into a family with 22 children, her father was a butcher and her mother a stay-at-home mom. She dropped out of school in S.1 due to lack of school fees and joined a catering group that supplied food at functions. She became pregnant with her first child around that time, but the relationship did not last long. She moved out and left her first child with the father.

Florence went to study hairdressing for a while, but abandoned this when she became pregnant again. After having her baby, she moved to Bulenga. Life was very hard since the father of her second child provided no child support, so she started selling fish.

Florence first heard of Street Business School from some of the alum in her community who attended Street Business School 7. When the announcement was made in her own community, she was eager to learn more and was compelled to join the training…she knew she wanted to change her life.

The training indeed changed her life in that she was able to understand her business profitability. Her income has since increased each month. Florence also now understands the importance of having more than one income stream. Her future plan is to start buying produce from the nearby village and selling it in her community to complement her work. She also learned to keep friends that are foresighted and not the type that spend their time in idle chitchat! 

Although Florence has been selling fried fish for two years now and still faces challenges, she has plans to improve through the guidance of Street Business School coaches. They have encouraged her to diversify and sell other types of fish.

“The support given to me in terms of coaching and mentoring has really changed not only my business, but also my attitude towards life,” Florence proclaims.