Meet Prossy: Turning Dreams into Reality

Meet Prossy: Turning Dreams into Reality

In the bustling streets of Kampala lives the inspiring Prossy Nalubega, a 40-year-old mother of six who has navigated the path from a small shopkeeper to a thriving entrepreneur.

Before joining the SBS entrepreneurship training program, Prossy managed a modest shop where she sold a few home groceries like tomatoes, cooking ingredients and soft drinks. “I was running my small shop, but it was still hard meeting my big family’s needs,” Prossy confessed.

A community speaker announcement urged women to sign up for an entrepreneurship training program. Eager to learn how to grow her small shop, Prossy happily signed up for the SBS program.  Prossy, however, realized that the training sessions coincided with her weekly market day – the day she traditionally allocated to obtaining goods for her shop. Undeterred, Prossy started her market visits early in the morning, ensuring her return in time for the training sessions.

Among the modules covered during the training, the savings module resonated most profoundly with Prossy. “Before I attended the training, I never saw the use of saving, but now my eyes were opened.”  Reflecting on her time at the training program, Prossy’s eyes light up.

 “I enjoyed the dances and all the business practical games we played; they made us feel free with each other. I felt so comfortable with the coaches, I was empowered and motivated to work hard and get ahead in life.”

After graduating from the SBS entrepreneurship training program, Prossy put what she learned into action. She saved $81.27 and transformed her inventory, turning her small storefront into a wholesale shop selling items in bulk. Prossy’s enterprise expanded further, venturing into the realm of property development. She now saves up to $27.09 a day in profits. Her earnings go towards her children’s education, medical care, feeding and daily sustenance.

“I am most proud of my four rentals that I was able to build single-handedly, it was my dream to be a landlord one day. My dreams are coming true.” 

Prossy dreams of moving into a bigger shop and expanding her business. “One day I want to leave this small shop because I have outgrown it.”

Prossy’s journey illustrates the transformative power of the SBS entrepreneurship training program. Her story exemplifies how empowered women can redefine their destinies, transform their lives and end generational poverty.

To learn more about how you can help turn dreams into realities for women, like Prossy, please visit our website: https://www.streetbusinessschool.org/give/.

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