Ten Ways to Engage Virtually With Your Volunteers

You may not be conducting business as usual right now, but you can continue to actively engage your volunteer network. Here are ten ways to maximize your volunteer engagement, virtually!

Email your volunteers a survey to gauge interest and technology skills. Find out what digital platforms they are comfortable using and have access to at home. Use this information to assign tasks that can be completed while working remotely.

Stay active in your recruiting! Just because your organization isn’t working from the office, doesn’t mean you don’t need continued volunteer support. Try using social media to recruit new volunteers and don’t be afraid to ask for specific skills in your post.

Continue to keep human interaction a priority! Create a phone/text-tree and have your volunteers check-in on each other. This will keep them engaged and excited to return when your operations reopen.

Running low on social media content while your office is closed and operations are limited? Recruit your volunteers to send you photos and stories.
SBS PRO TIP: Have your volunteers share the posts to their personal social media channels for added reach. Make sure they tag the organization!

Many of your volunteers are active because it is an opportunity for them to be social. Organize a digital social-hour using a video-conference call tool like Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Have a data entry project that you’ve been procrastinating to complete? Now is the time to get this done! Divide the work among multiple volunteers to get the job done quicker. BONUS: They will appreciate the collaborative project and the feeling of being part of a team.

Task your less digitally-savvy volunteers with a postcard or letter writing campaign. Donors and non-donor alike love getting mail, and handwritten notes are appreciated.

Even if your entire volunteer network is not active during this time, it is important to provide updates on the status of the organization. Keep the community informed!

Test your ideas! Now is the perfect time to pilot new opportunities. Your volunteers will feel like they a part of developing the new project that will be ready to launch when business resumes.

Ask for their input and tap into the creativity of your volunteer base. You may find the next theme for your fundraising campaign or community building activity!

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