United for Humanity

United for Humanity

Street Business School stands for dignity. We work to create equality of opportunity for women who have been marginalized by poverty, and this commitment to inclusion is what drives us every day. Just as our programs create greater equality and justice in the global south, we also stand together with the Black community in the US, and with those fighting systemic racism everywhere. Our great desire to end poverty in our lifetimes has no exclusions.

From day one, we have attempted to recognize and ignite the individual potential of each person we work with. We strive to ensure that the women we serve feel confident, valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are to achieve their dreams. Today we feel the anguish, sadness and fear in our world that results from denying certain people their dignity and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. At the same moment, we are inspired by the peaceful protests for a more just world, and the vast majority of those in military and law enforcement who have, with voice or action, supported the call for change.

As we witness the impacts of racism and inequity in the U.S. and in other nations, it is as important as ever to stand up for our beliefs. While we do not have the answers, we have a global movement that has reached millions of people and a responsibility to speak out against injustice. Join us to stand in solidarity for the values, heart and tenets we were founded upon. We must uphold these values not only to further them in our own work, but to further them throughout society and the world.

Devin Hibbard, CEO

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