Harriet’s Renewal: A Journey from Salon Closure to Entrepreneurial Triumph

Harriet’s Renewal: A Journey from Salon Closure to Entrepreneurial Triumph

Harriet Ntungire, a 38-year-old mother of three children, had no source of income before she joined the Street Business School (SBS) entrepreneurship training program. “Prior to joining the training program, I was not employed. I used to own a salon, but I closed it and chose to dedicate my time to my family.”

Her introduction to the training program came through a mobilizer who visited her residence, informed her about the upcoming training in her community, and encouraged Harriet to enroll. “The mobilizer used to visit my home to immunize my children, but this time, she came with a different purpose. She informed me about the business training.”

Initially, Harriet had no immediate plans to start a business; her focus was on raising her children before venturing into entrepreneurship. “I had already reserved a rental space that was still being constructed. However, I was unsure about what I would put in the shop,” Harriet admitted.

Harriet’s attendance at the training program was fueled by her enthusiasm and the availability of time. The topics that stood out for her were starting small and record-keeping. Harriet felt a personal connection to these subjects as they came at the perfect moment.

After completing the training program, Harriet decided to revive her salon business. She utilized the equipment she had kept from her previous salon and established a new one.  Fortunately, she still had $525.06 in savings, which she used to renovate her equipment and pay rent for her salon.

The initial week of her new venture proved to be promising, generating a profit of $19.69. Harriet reinvested this profit back into the business by purchasing hair products and restocking the salon. Harriet emphasized the significance of record-keeping, as it prevented her from aimlessly wasting money as in the past. This newfound knowledge helped her overcome the stagnation her business previously faced; she was now able to effectively monitor her salon’s progress.

With a bright outlook on the future, Harriet continues to expand her business. Harriet dreams of further diversifying her business to include bridal services, massages, a sauna, manicures, and pedicures. She now has hope and confidence in her ability to shape a successful future for her business.

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