Meet Susan: A Relentless Pursuit of Empowerment

Meet Susan: A Relentless Pursuit of Empowerment


Susan Nyachwo’s journey is a true testament to the incredible power of determination. At 50 years old and a mother of five, Susan is a hardworking individual with an unwavering devotion to entrepreneurship.

Curious. Before joining the Street Business School (SBS) training program, Susan already had a small vegetable stall and aspired to be an entrepreneur. It was during this time that she learned about the SBS program from a passerby who informed her about the upcoming women’s training at her church. Despite some of her friends questioning her decision to join the program, Susan eagerly signed up.


Committed. After graduating from the SBS program in 2017, Susan’s transformation truly began. Armed with newfound knowledge and courage, she implemented the lessons she learned from the entrepreneurial training. The modules on savings and bookkeeping particularly resonated with her. Susan discovered the importance of having three types of savings: emergency savings, permanent savings, and savings for reinvesting in her business during challenging times.

Thriving. With these principles firmly established, Susan’s businesses flourished. She used the $41.03 she had saved from her previous venture and the proceeds from selling her chickens to nurture her businesses. Susan expanded her work to include a money transaction hub, bird feed sales, timber sales, and even a rental shop. Additionally, she acquired a motorcycle that became a reliable source of daily income.

In addition to her various accomplishments, Susan built six rental properties that provided yet another source of income. With seven income streams, Susan was able to employ seven workers from her community to assist with her operations. Her exceptional management skills ensured that every aspect of her business thrived.

Impactful. Today, Susan earns a daily profit of $27.36. She uses her income to support her family, pay for her children’s school fees, compensate her employees, and take care of her parents in the village. Susan’s journey is truly inspiring and showcases the incredible results that can be achieved through determination and hard work.

As Susan continues to accomplish more, she stays grounded and grateful. Street Business School has not only transformed how she sees the world, but also her own circumstances.

SBS has provided me with abundance.  I am now a wealthy woman.”

Visit streetbusinessschool.org/give to honor all the determined women, like Susan, who are reshaping their, and their families’, futures!   

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