Muhindo has always possessed a steadfast determination to help others. After decades of caring for others, Muhindo felt she had become complacent and disillusioned. Having struggled for years as a widow to support herself and her grandchildren, she needed confidence and encouragement to explore new ways to improve her financial situation. When she joined the Street Business School (SBS) entrepreneurial training through Saluti Malaria Fighters Association in a rural region of Western Uganda, she felt energized and empowered to make a change.

With tenacity, Muhindo looked for opportunities to raise the capital needed to start a microbusiness selling vegetables at the local market. Using tools acquired from the SBS curriculum, she thought about what resources she might be overlooking or who might support her endeavor. She reached out to her son and two daughters who all contributed small amounts of capital, plus she sold items in her home that she no longer needed. Even before the training was complete, Muhindo was selling vegetables and putting her new education to use.

Muhindo is currently working hard to achieve a new goal: to expand her business to two additional local markets, employing her two daughters as vendors. The education she received through SBS has not only changed the trajectory of Muhindo’s life, but it is also creating intergenerational change for Muhindo’s daughters and grandchildren, giving three generations the tools to raise out of poverty. She is proof that when women are empowered, they benefit not only themselves, but their families and their communities, as well.


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