Together we celebrate beautiful moments in life

Together we celebrate beautiful moments in life

“Celebrate the beautiful moments in life” –Prossy Namakula

Prossy’s Street Business School journey began as a small-scale farmer near her home district of Mukono. She sold cassava, sweet potatoes, beans and vegetables to generate income to support her family. When Prossy heard about SBS, she was excited about the prospects of growth, and embraced her role as a Community Mobilizer to encourage more women to enroll for the SBS training. She was inspired by the training session on Business Opportunity Identification, which motivated her to take action.“I realized that it was time to bring my catering dream to life,” says Prossy. She was so fired up, that she enrolled in a six-month catering training course where she gained more skills.

Prossy soon faced a challenge of raising capital required to start her dream business. She joined together with five other women in her community to form Mwesigwa Group–a catering service provider. Together, they saved 5,000UGX($2) every week for five months until they could raise enough funds to purchase basic start-up catering equipment. “Celebrations unite and strengthen our community helping us maintain a common identity. I find so much joy in preparing different foods…it bonds us together as women. I’m grateful to earn money for my family of 10 by doing what I love,” she says.

The Mwesigwa Group was recently awarded a grant of 5,000,000 UGX ($1,351) from the local government in recognition of their effort.The group used this grant to invest in a 100-person tent which they rent for community events and family celebrations. In addition to lighting up Prossy and her group members, this story encouraged other women in their community to engage in business. Prossy’s group is now saving towards a van to cut on transportation costs and extend their reach to other communities. The celebrations will continue for Prossy and her Mwesiga Group.

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