I am strong

I am strong

Nagitta Prossy:

I am strong because I work hard, and through SBS, have learned how to run a successful business selling boiled corn. I am a single mother of four children, who can now provide them with milk, eggs and a future – depositing their school fees before the term even starts.

Margaret Namumbejja:

I am strong because I am a woman who discovered who she is through SBS—a successful vegetable stall owner who earns more than $3 a day and has a meaningful life of her own. My children have hot meals and go to school, and now, I too have dreams and plans.

Masitula Namugamba:

I am strong because I am confident. Now, with my SBS training and hard work, I earn $105 each month through my successful vegetable stand and by selling cooked yam, sweet potatoes and cassava. My six children are in school, I’m supporting my family, and my dreams are coming true.

Marcelina Aceng:

I am strong because I can now see a bright future. I’m growing my tailoring business, and in just 4 months, increased by income from $70 to $89 a month. Through SBS, I’ve learned to set aside time to find new customers and connect with old ones, and increase profits by using fabric scraps for my bags. My children are in school and my dream of building a house is within reach.

Rebecca Nambuye:

I am strong because my SBS training taught me to be determined and confident. I sell cassava chips, mandazi and tea at my roadside stand, cold drinking water and popsicles from my home, and I have plans to open a restaurant. My husband used to think I couldn’t do much. Now he sees me in a different way.


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