MEET VIDA: A Path Out of Abuse

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MEET VIDA: A Path Out of Abuse

Meet Vida Awuor, a 24-year-old mother with a young son born with sickle cell anemia. She was determined to secure care for her son, but with no income of her own, it came at a cost. Before receiving Street Business School (SBS) training, delivered by Activate Action in Homabay, Kenya, Vida experienced inter-partner violence. Her boyfriend beat her and even forced her to have sex with him. Yet, she could not leave and feared losing him, since he was the one paying for housing and expenses. She totally depended on him for her basic needs and for her son’s medical care.

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SBS works with NGOs who address all 17 SDGs

Vida’s story is not uncommon, and it’s the reason why Street Business School works with organizations like Activate Action to empower women like her. SBS partners with organizations across the world to provide entrepreneurial training to women living in poverty. Our mission is to empower women to create their own sustainable businesses, enabling them to generate an income and rise from poverty. Our partners work to address 16 out of 17 SDGs.

Activate Action is a youth-led, community-based organization working with vulnerable populations, including young people living with HIV and health conditions. Their programs center around advocacy, health education, and economic empowerment, for which the SBS curriculum is key.

Through this partnership, SBS and Activate Action have been able to provide women like Vida with the tools and resources they need to start their own businesses and gain financial independence. This has helped many to become less vulnerable so they can find a way out of abusive situations and find safety from inter partner violence, which could further expose them to HIV infections.

After Vida enrolled in the Street Business School program, she started a small business selling snacks on the streets of Homabay. With the training and support provided by Activate Action, Vida was able to turn her business idea into a reality, providing her and her son with a steady income.

By gaining financial independence, Vida no longer had to depend on her abusive boyfriend for her basic needs, and she was finally able to break free from the cycle of violence. By sharing entrepreneurial training, SBS is empowering women to take control of their lives and create a brighter future for themselves and their families. Vida’s story is just one of many, and it’s a testament to the power of partnerships and the impact they can have on communities.

Learn more about our many wonderful partners here. If you are a nonprofit leader interested in learning more about partnering with SBS, please click here

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