Aggie’s Story: Hope Multiplied Through Generations

Aggie’s Story: Hope Multiplied Through Generations

As part of our Street Business School community, you may know Agnes “Aggie” Oyella. She is an engaging, dynamic woman, who has been an important part of SBS and BeadforLife for many years. Now, Aggie would like to share her story with you. 

In the video above, Aggie shares her own personal trials and successes, and how a single opportunity offered to her mother years ago fundamentally changed the course of her life. It is a story that is uniquely hers, but it is also the story of how economically empowering one woman creates a ripple effect of positive change through generations.

SBS is proven to empower women to rise from poverty, overcome obstacles, increase their incomes and find agency to support and care for their families. We invite you to be a part of this incredible work by making a donation.

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