MEET HUBEIDA: The Power of Her Purse

MEET HUBEIDA: The Power of Her Purse

Highlighting Hubeida’s Journey

Meet Hubeida Sadana, a determined young woman from Ghana, whose story of resilience and success is just one example of how women’s economic empowerment can create lasting change.

Hubeida’s dreams of becoming a customs officer were derailed when she faced an unexpected pregnancy and abandonment by her child’s father. Struggling against societal hostility with almost no resources, Hubeida found support through the Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS), a Ghanaian non-governmental organization working to improve the lives of marginalized communities.

Finding Hope through Entrepreneurship

November 2022 marked a turning point for Hubeida when she joined a bead-making class offered by RAINS. However, her path to success was not without challenges. She was unsure how to secure capital, find a market for her products, or launch her business. Fortunately, RAINS introduced her to the transformative Street Business School (SBS) program.

RAINS & SBS: Partnering for Global Impact

Street Business School (SBS) is a proven program that uplifts women’s lives through entrepreneurial training. Graduates from SBS learn to identify business opportunities, launch, manage and expand microenterprises, often more than doubling their incomes. Research shows that 80 percent continue running successful businesses one year later. To extend this impact worldwide, SBS employs a train-the-trainer social franchise model, certifying partner organizations like RAINS to localize and teach the SBS curriculum.

Hubeida’s Transformation and Future Aspirations

The SBS program resonated deeply with Hubeida, equipping her with the knowledge and confidence to run her own business successfully. Inspired and motivated, she now operates her own business and dreams of establishing a thriving boutique. With newfound assurance and determination, Hubeida shared:

“Through this program, I now possess the knowledge and confidence to run my own business successfully, and I hope to one day establish a thriving boutique. I now operate my own business with assurance and hope that I can support myself and my daughter on my own, without assistance from anyone else.”

Sharing Impact on a Global Scale

The ripple effects of women’s economic independence go far beyond individual success stories. With over 250 partners in more than 30+ countries, the SBS program is on a mission to ignite change in the lives of 1 million women. By empowering women worldwide, we are not only transforming their trajectories but also strengthening communities and creating a global wave of positive change.

If increasing economic independence in the communities you serve would help advance your mission, let’s partner together! Click here to learn about how you can get certified to teach the SBS curriculum to those you serve.

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