Esther Muhiibwe, 34, always possessed strength, as she worked hard selling timber to improve the lives of her family. While she worked tirelessly, the business wasn’t bringing in her desired income. Esther, always thinking creatively, tried moving to a new location nearby a fishing site hoping for growth, but that didn’t raise her income.

Esther learned of certain business trainings called Street Business School, conducted through phone calls. After her husband’s tragic death, Esther found herself widowed and pregnant with her sixth child. Her children’s education was top priority, and she found help from fellow church members who sponsored the costs of her children’s tuitions. With a spark of hope, she quickly joined SBS’ entrepreneurial training because she liked the idea of improving her business skills.

Through SBS phone training, Esther learned to save money and conduct market research for her newly intended business venture. She discovered that visitors at the fishing site were interested in community gathering spots like saloons and restaurants. She sold her timber off and used her acquired capital to launch a saloon by the Luzira fishing landing site together with a friend.

Esther started with just eight plastic seats and one umbrella. Now, she has managed to hire an assistant and expand to eight tables with umbrellas that accommodate her customers throughout the day. In addition, she uses a mobile alcohol dispenser to sell drinks and bring her business with her anywhere she goes. Now that’s ingenuity!

Today Esther saves up to five dollars on a good business day, which she uses to continue her children’s education and provide the essentials for her family. She also has plans to improve their family home, since she can now afford house construction. “I am grateful for all the knowledge I gained from SBS and I hope that many more women around the world can receive SBS training,” she said.

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